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What’s the secret of Brazilian crush perfume?

Brazilian crush is a popular perfume made by combining sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and sugar.It is often found in perfume bars, but there are some differences.First, it does not smell like a perfume made with crushed sunflower seeds, but rather a mixture of crushed sunflowers, cocoa, and water.Second, it is not a perfume with perfume-like […]

How to make the perfect Valentines Day perfume

The idea behind this scent is to have a lovely and fragrant Valentine’s Day scent for your room.If you’ve been to the Valentine’s Parade, this fragrance will be a perfect addition.To create this scent, you’ll need: 1.1 oz of rose petals (you can use rose petal or rose oil, but the rose petalfos are perfect) 1 […]