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How to make a fragrance for your wedding: A simple guide

The next time you’re thinking about making a fragrance at your wedding, remember to do it right. What’s in the fragrance? The ingredients: Black pepper, rosemary, vanilla, peppermint, sugar, white sugar, citrus, rosewater, lemon balm, lavender, vanilla essence, musk and patchoulis. The fragrance must have an earthy, herbal quality to it. It must be aged in oak barrels for a […]

Pompous patchoulis perfume maker gets $3 million settlement

The perfumer behind Pompoulis Patchouli Patchoulis has settled a lawsuit that accused her of violating federal consumer protection laws by selling the perfume without the right of consumers to ask questions.The case against the company was filed in federal court in Chicago by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (FCPA), the […]