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How to find a perfume for the holidays

If you’re looking for a unique holiday fragrance to try, then it’s a good idea to check out these 5 holiday fragrances for the most part.1.La Dolce Vita – La Dolce – Theres a lot going on with this perfume.This one is a mix of rose, lavender, vanilla and rosemary.It smells like a rose with […]

How to get a high-end perfume in the Philippines

I came across this amazing bargain on Ebay last month.Miu mia (Miu-maa) is a traditional Malaysian perfume.The product is very similar to a perfumer’s homemade version of baccarat.But, it is made with a more expensive, more luxurious blend of ingredients.Mius are used to give fragrances a special, warm and fragrant aroma, according to the manufacturer.In […]