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How to buy a fragrance book on Amazon.com

If you love perfumes but just don’t know where to start, this book on the best of the best from around the world is the answer.Donna Karan, an Australian author who’s best-known for her books on perfume, has written an excellent book on what makes perfumes unique.She offers advice on choosing a perfume that’s right […]

The ‘Dossier’ perfume scandal has exposed the dirty secrets of our ‘Beauty and the Beast’ co-stars

The Dossier fragrance scandal has revealed the dirty truths of our “Beauty & the Beast” co-star Sofia Vergara’s makeup.Vergare, who portrays Belle in the animated series, was accused of buying counterfeit makeup at a beauty supply store in Italy.The scandal has already led to a lawsuit against the company that makes the products.The allegations against […]