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How to find a perfume for the holidays

If you’re looking for a unique holiday fragrance to try, then it’s a good idea to check out these 5 holiday fragrances for the most part.1.La Dolce Vita – La Dolce – Theres a lot going on with this perfume.This one is a mix of rose, lavender, vanilla and rosemary.It smells like a rose with […]

What would you like to see in 2017?

A new perfume line is set to launch in 2017.The new line is called Katy Perry’s perfume sale and is a collaboration between Apple and Burberry London.Katy Perry, the fashion icon who has been described as the most famous woman in the world, is selling a limited edition of the perfume sale from June.Katie Perry […]

How to find the perfect Burberry perfume

The Burberry Paris perfume line is one of the most sought after in the world.But, if you want something a bit more contemporary, the L’Occitane Paris is the one to get.The perfume line was first released in 2011 and has since been expanded to include a range of new fragrances, including the perfume for men.There […]

How to wear Burberry London perfume

When it comes to fragrance, it can be easy to miss the difference between good and bad.Burberry looove Paris and Burberry have a lot in common.Both companies, both brands, both colours and both fragrances, have a strong history of offering unique and stylish, but timeless designs.It’s no surprise that the two are both popular choice […]

Glossier you: The scent that turns your skin pink

The scent of Glossier You, an artificial skin bleaching cream.It’s a familiar scent.You can get a sense of the brand’s iconic scent from a bottle in your bathroom or a bag at your office.But it’s a different scent for everyone.“It’s not just for a certain kind of person, or the ones that don’t want to […]