How to make the perfect Jo Malone perfume

It was a rainy day in February 2016 when the perfume brand Jo Malone opened a new boutique in Melbourne, Australia.With a range of new fragrances on offer, including the signature jo malone, the boutique had an interesting mix of a modern and vintage vibe.However, it was the perfume Jo Malone made for the opening […]

This is why perfume is expensive

When you think of the cost of a bottle of expensive perfume you probably think of $1,000.But that is only a fraction of the true cost of such a luxury product, according to a new study.The study, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, showed that the average price of a new bottle of a […]

How Chloe’s perfume company got its start

Chloe’s scent is being used to perfume and cosmetic products by some of the UK’s biggest brands. The brand’s founder Chloe Anderson was working in the beauty industry at the time and was struck by the potential for the scent to help boost the body’s natural defences and improve skin and hair care products. She took the […]