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When Christian Dior perfume was launched in 2014, it didn’t just appeal to the fashion world. It had an incredible impact on the entire culture of perfume.

The fragrance was a hit with the French fashion world and its popularity spread to other parts of the world.In 2015, Christian Doria announced that it would no longer be making perfume.Christian Doria has since expanded into other brands including Aveda, and is known for its natural and organic products.The perfume has sold over 2.5 […]

Why I love Tabu perfume

When I first saw Tabu in a perfume aisle at a drugstore, I was a bit nervous about it, and thought, Is it going to smell like something I’m going to eat?I also didn’t really like Tabu’s formula.I was intrigued by the packaging, but I was worried about it being too similar to other fragrances […]

Pompous patchoulis perfume maker gets $3 million settlement

The perfumer behind Pompoulis Patchouli Patchoulis has settled a lawsuit that accused her of violating federal consumer protection laws by selling the perfume without the right of consumers to ask questions.The case against the company was filed in federal court in Chicago by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (FCPA), the […]