Beyonce’s perfumes are all about feeling beautiful and luxurious, so you might be tempted to use one if you’re looking for something that’s not too pricey.

But when it comes to the perfumes themselves, there are some obvious differences.

For instance, if you prefer the slightly more floral notes of Beyonces La Fondation, you might want to stick with the more masculine ones of La Fonda.

The scent is made from the same botanical ingredients as La Fonderita, a line that includes the Beyoncé Fragrance.

While the fragrances are identical, there’s a slight difference in their respective formulas.

La Fonde is made up of oils and waxes that give the fragrance a slightly stronger scent.

La Fondations perfume also comes in different shades of lavender, which gives it a slightly more intense, less feminine feel.

It’s also the same formula as the perfumeries perfume line, which has the same ingredients as Beyoncèdres.

The fragrance is also more wearable for women.

The scent is also lighter, with more floral and lavender notes.