The idea behind this scent is to have a lovely and fragrant Valentine’s Day scent for your room.

If you’ve been to the Valentine’s Parade, this fragrance will be a perfect addition.

To create this scent, you’ll need: 1.1 oz of rose petals (you can use rose petal or rose oil, but the rose petalfos are perfect) 1 oz of lavender 2.1 ounces of white sandalwood 1.25 oz of sweet almond (or any other floral) 1.5 oz of fresh rose petaling (or other flower) (optional) topper 1.15 oz of aioli (about 1/2 cup) in a glass jar with a cap (topper: a tiny dab of oil is also perfect)  Place all of the ingredients in a small bowl, and then add the sugar.

Blend until the ingredients combine, and add a little more water if you need to.

Pour the mixture into a plastic bag and squeeze it down.

If it’s too wet, add a bit more water.

Then pour the mixture through a sieve into a glass bottle.

Place the bottle in the fridge and enjoy!