If you’re looking for a unique holiday fragrance to try, then it’s a good idea to check out these 5 holiday fragrances for the most part.1.

La Dolce Vita – La Dolce – Theres a lot going on with this perfume.

This one is a mix of rose, lavender, vanilla and rosemary.

It smells like a rose with a touch of lavender.2.

Pour Homme – Pour Homme is a warm, fruity fragrance that is made with rose, geranium and vanilla.

It is very feminine, very floral and has a hint of sandalwood.

It has a nice, velvety feel and is very versatile.3.

Sleeping Beauty – Sleeping Beauty is a blend of black vanilla, patchouli, and rose petals.

It’s a very feminine fragrance with an incredibly smooth texture.

It gives off a very warm and cozy feeling and is ideal for sleeping on the sofa or in a hammock.4.

Nostalgia – Nostalgia is a strong scent that has a sweet, warm feel and a soft, soft scent.

It also has a soft and velveterous scent.5.

Wings of Desire – Wings of Desire is a beautiful blend of rose and vanilla with a hint for the scent of incense.

It makes a nice scent for the holiday season.6.

The Winter Queen – The Winter Queen is a floral, spicy fragrance that has an incredible softness and a velvethiness.

It lasts for a long time and smells like vanilla ice cream.7.

Cherry Blossoms – Cherry Blossomes is a sweet blend of lavendar and neroli with a soft scent and a warm feel.

It goes on easy and is perfect for the winter.8.

Chloe & Stacey – Chloe & Stailey is a rich, creamy blend of white chocolate and nerola.

It adds an earthy note that has the sweetest vanilla note.9.

Empress Of the Sea – The Empress Of The Sea is a scent of rose petal, sandal wood, sandals, and ocean water.

It was created with the help of an olfactory expert to create a scent that is warm and sensual.10.

Darling Nikki – Darling Nikki is a combination of soft white amber, white amber and amber.

It contains the most of the white amber note and the amber component of the scent gives the scent a cool, calming feel.11.

Blush – Blush is a soft white, pale pinky, and white blend of water, musk, and vanilla powder.

It comes with a strong, silky smooth and smooth fragrance.12.

Luxury – Luxury is a white, cream, rose-infused, vanilla scent.

The scent has a very sweet, velvedty texture and has that same softness of texture as a lot of fragrance for the Christmas season.13.

Snowflake – Snowflake is a creamy white, creamy rose scent.

Snowflake smells like warm buttery notes with a sweet vanilla base.14.

Winter Wonderland – Winter Wonderland is a lovely blend of snow and white amber with a subtle warm scent.15.

Bubblegum – Bubbles is a deep, golden-orange scent with a delicate and soft scent that reminds you of sparkling water.16.

Avengers: The First Avenger – Avengers: The first Avenger is a very soft white blend with a slightly sweet, vanilla note that is lightly fragrant.17.

Strawberry Pomegranate – Strawberries Pomega is a delicate, creamy white blend that has soft notes of pear, vanilla, and musk.18.

Mama’s Little Helper – Mama’s Little Help is a silky white blend.

It works well for a morning or evening scent.19.

Blackberry – Blackberry is a classic blend of sweet and spicy notes that makes for a very nice and velvly scent.20.

Rose – Rose is a fragrance that gives off this very feminine and warm feel that comes from the rose petaled base and the softness that comes in from the vanilla and nerolias.