When I was a little girl, my mother had a friend who wore baby powder in her hair.

When I asked her what she was doing, she replied, “Oh, it’s just so nice to smell like babies!”

She didn’t have a baby nose and I thought it was very odd, but she was an adult.

So, it took a few years before I realized what she meant by that.

But it’s still a pretty common sentiment in the beauty world.

And now we have a new baby-scent-based perfume called Baby Spice, which makes me feel like I’m looking at some sort of cute baby face.

What I find most appealing about Baby Spice is that it’s not just for baby.

It’s a full-blown fragrance for adults, too.

This is a very important distinction because I’m sure you’ve all heard that “adult baby” scent is an outdated concept.

It should be more appropriate for adults.

It seems to me that the baby scent should be for people who have a lot of time on their hands and really enjoy wearing things, and it should not be used for a person who is wearing something for their child, or is looking for something that they are embarrassed by.

Baby Spice actually smells pretty good, too!

It has a sweet, citrusy scent, with hints of rose, rose petals, orange blossom, and other citrus notes.

And it smells like a real baby.

If you’re looking for a baby scent that’s for adults that doesn’t take up so much of your wardrobe, you might be disappointed.

The fragrance is a great buy at $14.95 for 1.5 oz, but it also comes with a “baby” coupon for a discount of $2 off the retail price.

If that sounds like a great deal to you, Baby Spice will be available in the perfume aisle of Nordstrom at the end of February.

And if you’re in the mood for a little more baby, you can find it on Nordstrom.com starting in February.