Chloe’s scent is being used to perfume and cosmetic products by some of the UK’s biggest brands. 

The brand’s founder Chloe Anderson was working in the beauty industry at the time and was struck by the potential for the scent to help boost the body’s natural defences and improve skin and hair care products. 

She took the idea to perfume maker Tampax and became one of its earliest employees. 

Now she is one of the key figures behind Chloe’s first perfume, which is made by Tampacol, a company based in Germany. 

“I think I did my best to take the product and try and make it my own,” she said.

“But I didn’t want it to be something that everyone else was going to buy and it wasn’t something that was going on in the market. 

So I thought if I could get it to people that would want it, then it was worth doing.”

The perfume, named ‘The Painted Bird’ is the product of an early partnership with Tampacsol. 

It has been described as “the world’s first lip balm” and was launched last year. 

Chloe said she was inspired by her late husband’s love of fashion and wanted to do something different.

“We had this conversation a few years ago where he said: ‘Chloe, I love fashion, but I want to have a good lip balme.’ 

He was trying to get a real, full-body balm, but at the same time, he wanted a very natural, everyday, non-offensive, feminine lip balmer,” she explained. 

A new era for perfume Chloe said the time had come to take her ideas a step further.

“I just wanted to make something that could be used to enhance any kind of product,” she added. 

Her new perfume has been named ‘Chlu’ and has been inspired by the bird.

“The thing about the bird is that when you think of the bird you think about its silhouette, its colour, and its plumage,” she told the ABC.

“So I decided to try and create something that would just make the bird appear natural and it wouldn’t feel like it was made of plastic or glass or whatever it was.”

It would just look natural.” 

‘We have the best product on the planet’ The fragrance has a range of natural, organic ingredients including chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang, and rosemary, and is vegan.”

I thought if you can’t find the scent that is very subtle and not overpowering then maybe it will make people want to wear it more.””

I wanted it to have the scent of a bird. 

I thought if you can’t find the scent that is very subtle and not overpowering then maybe it will make people want to wear it more.”

She added that the perfume was also designed to be non-toxic and fragrance-free, and had a limited shelf life.

“There is no chemical in it, it is a perfume and I think that really speaks volumes for how effective it is,” she revealed. 

‘The product will help me’The company has been receiving rave reviews, with the company’s founder posting on her Facebook page: “We are delighted to announce that Chloe Anderson’s Painted Birds is now the #1 best-selling perfume on the internet, and Chloe is the only female perfume designer to be named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential Women in the World!” 

The company’s website describes the product as a “premium lip balment” that is 100% vegan and organic. 

In addition to the fragrance, Chloe said her new perfume would “give people the feeling that they are wearing natural, gentle and healthy products”. 

“This is something that you don’t see on the shelves any more,” she laughed.

“You see things like lip balms that are just made of rubber or plastic. 

We have a great product that is made of plants and animals, and we know that that is going to work for us.”

Chloe is currently working on a new fragrance called ‘Changeling’, which will be her third. 

“[I’m] trying to work out what to do next,” she admitted.

“This will be a little bit more mature and maybe a little more natural, but it will still be a beautiful product.”

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