The next time you’re thinking about making a fragrance at your wedding, remember to do it right. 

What’s in the fragrance? 

The ingredients: Black pepper, rosemary, vanilla, peppermint, sugar, white sugar, citrus, rosewater, lemon balm, lavender, vanilla essence, musk and patchoulis. 

The fragrance must have an earthy, herbal quality to it. 

It must be aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. 

How to make the fragrance: The first step is to buy a vintage bottle of black pepper.

You can buy it online from the Australian Post Office or in the Bulk Foods store. 

You can also buy this vintage bottle from your local pet supply store. 

 If you have a vintage jar of vanilla essence that’s not too old, you can also make your own. 

If you want to get a vintage scent bottle, I recommend looking for the old bottles in vintage shops, or from a pet supply company that sells vintage bottles. 

This is where the old black pepper comes in. 

A vintage bottle has a vintage label that says “Vintage”, “Made in” and “Date”. 

You will need to add this label to the bottle, so that the bottle can be identified by its vintage label. 

Once you have purchased the vintage bottle, add the black pepper to it. 

 You will want to make sure the black pepper is well coated in the essence. 

Then, rub the black peppercorn into the fragrance bottle until it has a smooth, even coating. 

After the fragrance is dry, it can be stored at room temperature. 

Make sure the fragrance lasts at least two weeks. 

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