WASHINGTON — Patchoulis and scents from the perfumery world were closed out of Walgreen�s Northeast stores Friday, but the retailer was able to bring back a few scents.

The Patchoulin perfume was the only perfume available at Walgreens Northeast stores, the chain said.

It sold out in just four hours and the other five were available on special, limited-time deals.

The company said a limited number of Patchoulins were also available on the special sale.

The company said Patchoulic perfumes were available at its most popular stores, including the flagship location at the U.S. Post Office in Boston.

The brand also is available at other Walgreen locations, including a small number of locations in the D.C. area.

In addition to the Patchoulia, a limited-edition fragrance in an amber, amber, green, pink, and violet base that retails for $25, the company is offering the new Rose-Apple and Patchouliac perfume in an all-amber base that comes in a limited edition of 200.

The Rose-apple and Patchouls are also available at select Walgrees in the District.

The rose-apple fragrance comes in at $20.

The Rose-Rose perfume, which was launched earlier this year, retails on special for $15.

The Patchoulian perfume retails at $10.