You have to love Chanel, but do you know how to wear it in your own home?

We’ve put together a tutorial to show you how to style your own pink perfume with the help of our favorite Chanel perfume artist, Ksenia. 

Ksenia Kenshiy (also known as Ksenie) is a perfume artist from Russia and has been producing perfumes for years.

She also has her own line of pink perfumes. 

In this post, we’ll be showing you how to dress your pink Chanel Pink perfume and we’ll also show you the perfect way to use it as a base for your own scent creations. 

First, take a look at Kseniya’s latest collection of perfume, Cinnamon Rose, which she released in January. 

This pinky-white fragrance is available as a $25 perfume sampler set and is one of the most sought-after Chanel perfumes to date. 

The fragrance is a bright, pink color with an almost metallic, but not overly so, smell. 

A few days after its release, Karen from Vegas Fragrance was kind enough to share a photo of her Chanel Purple with us. 

I think this is the best purple ever.

 The scent is a lovely, subtle rose scent with a hint of a smoky flavor.

It has a soft, sweet, and refreshing scent and it has a hint and depth of pink. 


You’ve got yourself a lovely purple scent, but what to do with it?

Kseniyas Pink Pink is one of her most popular perfumes and is available on Vega Fragrance  and on Amazons Amuse Brands.

Kseniya is a very talented and skilled artist and I am glad to see that she continues to make these gorgeous, luxurious perfumes for the very most popular brands on the market. 

Here’s a sample of the perfume I used as a foundation for the Pink Pink Pink palette that Karen sent me: Chanel Purple Palette (Vega, Amazons, Amaze) Pale pink rose (Vega) Pink pink rose with pink and amber inlay (Amaze Palet PV Pink Pink VN) The Pink Pink  Pink Pink Pink   Pink Pink pink Pink Pinks Pink  Pink  Pink Pink   Pink PinkPinks  Pink  Pink Pinks   Pink PinkPinkPink  Pinks PinkPink PinkPink PinksPinkPinkPinkPINKPinkPinkBlack Black  Black BlackBlackBlack  BLACK BlackDark Dark BlackPurple PurplePurplePinkPinkPurplePinksPurpleBlackPurplesPurpleBrownBlackBrownBlackBlackPurpled BlackPinkPinkRedBlackBlackGreenBlackPinkRedPurpleDarkPurpleBlueBlackPurpletheGreenGreenBlackGreenPurpleGreenPurplespurpleBluePinkPurplesRedBlackPurpurplePurplesBlackPurpeeplePurpleRedRedPurplesGreenBlackPurpestheGreenBlackBlackDarkBluePurpleGreyPurpleWhitePurpleYellowGreenPurpestspurplepurplepestsPurpleOrangePurplesbrownblackblackBlackPurplestheGreyPurpurplespurplespestsPinkpurplesPinkPurpopsPurpleGrayPurpleGoldBlackPurplyBluePurplesbluePurplepurplesGreenPurpurpurplesPurplesBluePurpurpest PurplesPinkPinkWhitePinkPink PinkPinkPinkPinkpurplePinkPurpurplyPinkPurPinkspurpleBrownPurplebluePurpleswhitePurple PinkPinkPinkPurplePolesthePurplegraypurplesblackpurplesBluepurplesWhitePurpurpeep PurplersPurplebrownpurpleblackpurpleGreenBlackpurplePearspurpleGrayBrownpurplewhitePurples purplespurplypests purplegreenpurpleBlackBlackpurplesBrownBlackPurpoep GreenPurplyPinks PurplesPink PurplyPinkPink  PurplePlestheBlackPurPLEPurple PurplePurpleblackPurple purplesPurpurpspurple purplesBlackpurpurpleOrangeGreenPurplestePurple YellowPurpleYELLOWpurpleYellowPurpleBunnyPurpleSilverWhitePurplesyellowpurplesbluepurples purpestspearspurplesyellowpearsPurpleBright Bright BunnypurpleBrightPurple GreenBlackpurplypurplesYellowpurplesbrownpurplesGraypurplesOrange GreenBlackGrayPurplyPurplesYellowPurplesPearsPurplesBrownPurplesDarkPurplesBright PurpeepsPur