Givenchy perfumer Jo Malone and her husband Armanis Malone are best known for their creations like the fragrances givenchy.

Their latest perfume is Armanus Malone, an homage to the legendary Parisian street artist.

Arman’s work is considered the pinnacle of street art and the label has been praised for creating beautiful and complex perfumes.

This is a scent that’s just right for Malone and her partner Arman.

The fragrance is made with a blend of lavender and a little bit of vanilla, and is named after the Greek goddess of love and fertility, Armanos.

In the image above, the lavender is very light and the vanilla is very subtle.

It’s a blend that really brings out the vanilla and lavender.

The vanilla is not overpowering, but the lavenders presence is very present and gives the scent a lovely depth and complexity. 

Malone and Malone make a great pairing for each other.

They’ve made several collaborations over the years, including with the brand that gave them the name Givenchy, and the perfume was released alongside their debut collection, Armin Van Buuren, in 2015. 

The scent of the Armanas Malone fragrance is described as “a sensual blend of fresh lavender, vanilla, rose and patchouli, infused with hints of sweet almond and amber.

It evokes the warmth of a warm night with a gentle touch of warmth.” 

I’m not a fan of the vanilla in the Armans Malone perfume.

I love lavender because it gives this fragrance a little more dimension to it, but it’s definitely not for me.

I’m not fond of the lavend and almond in the vanilla.

Armans has been around for a long time, and their latest fragrance has a lot of similarities with the classic Armanuses Malone.

But, Armans is still a brand that’s very rooted in Paris, so it’s no surprise that they wanted to bring a little of the past to their brand. 

You can buy Armans’ Armanum Malone from the label’s website for $32. 

What do you think of Armans Armanorum Malone?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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