Chanel has announced the release of the first scent of its upcoming collection, a sweet, feminine fragrance that blends traditional Chanel flowers with a floral twist.

The new fragrance is inspired by the traditional scent of the Chanel family, but its sweet notes and warm notes give it a sophisticated yet sexy vibe.

“Our team worked on this collaboration for years, so we know exactly how it smells,” Chanel creative director, Jean-Marie Lecomte, said in a statement.

“The new Chanels new fragrance comes as part of the latest collection in our Chanel Family, and it’s all about creating the most feminine and feminine of offerings, with a twist on traditional Chanels floral elements.

Its not just a fragrance, it’s a collection, and a fragrance is what a collection is: an extraordinary experience that invites you to experience what the brand is about.”

The new collection, which is called Changeland, will be released in limited quantities at Chanel stores across the globe, with limited-edition items limited to 5,000 pieces, according to a release.

The collection is designed to capture the energy and creativity of the iconic family of the brand.

A limited-production version of the collection will also be available in stores across Europe.