A French cosmetics brand has launched five new fragrances to go with its collection, which also includes an eyeliner brush and a lip balm.

The new collection, Chanel Vélibris, was unveiled by Chanel Cosmetics in Paris on Friday.

Chanel has yet to reveal how much of the new range it will be offering in France.

It was launched with a range of cosmetics ranging from cosmetics to skincare and fragrance to hair care. 

The five fragrance offerings were revealed during Chanel’s annual “Cosmérielle de l’Ouest” fashion show on Saturday.

“I’ve always loved the idea of creating fragrants that are so rich, they have a scent, a fragrance that has a history and history, and that are not too strong or too sweet,” said Audrey Chanel, president of Chanel Brands. 

“So I thought, why not give them a more modern twist?

Why not create a new generation of fragrings that are really beautiful and modern?

I wanted to create a fragrant that’s different than the ones we’ve been using before.” 

Chanel has created a range that includes a fragrance called “Les Défusirs,” which has a sweet, floral scent that is inspired by roses. 

Léger Cosmetics also announced on Friday that it would be launching its new fragrance, “Le Céleste,” which was inspired by a red rose with a strong floral note. 

Both brands are also launching a new fragrance called Les Ménagés.

“Les Ménags,” said Le Célices, “is the feminine and beautiful version of Les DéFusirs.

It has a strong, floral bouquet that is very feminine.” 

The new fragrance will be available in both perfume and liquid forms starting on November 4. 

In addition, Chanels latest fragrance line, which includes “L’écouvre,” “Lemon and Grapefruit,” “Sugar Plum” and “Périgord,” is launching on November 10. 

Chanels new fragrance is also called “Champloi,” which is a combination of Champlois and the French word for wine. 

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