Rihanna’s perfume is now available online for a limited time, and it’s not just a scent you’ll find at Sephora, the fragrance company that made the iconic perfume for Rihanna in 2014.

In addition to a limited-edition, hand-pressed sample, you can now purchase a limited run of 100,000 bottles of Exclamation from Sephoristique, the company that is responsible for Rihannas famous fragrance.

The fragrance is available for $45, and if you order more than one sample, the full bottle of Excess will be sold to you for $80.

There are some limited-time exclusives, like the hand-picked sample of the Excess that is available only in limited quantities at SepHORIS and the sample that Rihanna herself picked from a line of limited-run, hand pressed samples from the company.

The sample for this fragrance is called the “Bridget” and it is described as a “perfect mix of floral, citrus and tropical elements.”

You can buy it in two different ways: in-store at Sephlary stores or online for $65.

You can also order it online at Sephhors perfume shop and select one of the samples for $55.