With a video for a “Totally worth it” video with a $10-million prize at the T.V. version of Lonely Planet, we’re finally seeing a new trend in travel books.

The $10K prize was announced Wednesday by the award-winning travel and lifestyle website Travi$ Scott.

The winner, which is based on a book, is entitled “Loneys” and the winning book is “Lionel,” a biography of former L.A. Lakers basketball player Larry Bird.

The winning book has not yet been published.

A book review by Travioli Scott, an award-winner of the prestigious Travel Book Critics Awards, calls the book “the book to have on your Kindle or smartphone for travel.”

Travio Scott says that the book is a must-have for travel bookshelves.

“We are thrilled to be the first of our partners to enter into this new category,” Travios Scott said in a statement.

“We are pleased that this book will be a top-seller in the Lonely Planet Travel Awards category.

It has a lot of potential and we believe that it will be one of the best travel books ever written.”

Loneies, the book that was published last year, won the 2013 book of the year award.

It won the 2014 book of year and 2015 book of book awards for Best Book and Best Author.

Scott said that he was “overwhelmed” by the book’s popularity.

“The story of Larry Bird is so compelling and the people and events he created in the ’60s and ’70s are so inspiring, but the book isn’t just a story,” he said.

“This book is the story of a life, and the book of love and loss.

It’s a book about the lives of people who have been through incredible events and the loss of their loved ones.”

The book also has a $5,000 bonus prize for the winner, $5K for the second place winner and $1,000 for the third place winner.

The winning book will become available on March 10, 2019.

The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate and a copy of the book will ship on April 14.