A perfume based on Kaleesian leaves, a botanical used in making kava.

This was made in a temple in Karnataka state, according to the official news agency of the state.

According to a report by the Hindustan Times, the perfume is made from Kale-e-Sage, a plant that is also used in the making of kava in the state of Maharashtra.

The flower is traditionally used in Indian sacred ritual and as a healing ingredient.

It is a beautiful and delicate flower with a scent that can be described as fragrant.

It smells of musk, and has a unique taste that makes it unique.

The smell can be quite strong.

The Kaleeys are also used as a plant in traditional Chinese medicine, and it has also been used in traditional medicine for centuries, according the Times of India.

The Kaleez are also known as the “Golden Flower”.

In ancient India, Kale has been used to make various herbal remedies including the Kaleeku.