A few of us are familiar with the coconut perfume market, the most well known being the fragrance of the Pacifica brand.

This one is also the first of its kind, as it is created in the Philippines, which is known for its tropical tropical climate.

Pour the coconut oil on a damp cloth and let it sit for a couple of hours, and you’ll end up with a very fragrant coconut scent.

It is a really lovely fragrance, one that can be worn on the beach or on a cold winter day, and it will give you a nice feeling of relaxation.

The smell is so refreshing and so refreshing, that I actually thought it would work well on the lips.

Perfume seller Pacifica offers coconut perfume on their website for just $19.95 (or about £15.25), and it’s worth the price for the coconut and the floral notes.

The fragrance has a slight coconut scent to it, but the floral note really comes through in the final product.

I like the way it smells on the skin, and I find it to be very relaxing and relaxing on the nose.

If you love coconut, or have any ideas for coconut perfume, leave a comment below.