A series of new perfume labels have been released by some of the UK’s biggest brands, which are all priced at less than £1.20.

The range of $2.80 bottles includes one from Macys perfume brand, the other from Chanel perfume brand and a range of other brands.

The perfume range is priced at a mere $2 a bottle.

Macys’ flagship perfume is priced a whopping $10.55 at Amazon.

The $1.80 Macys $5.90 Chanel price is also $10, but you can also get $10 off the price with the coupon code ‘MACNY’ at Amazon for a mere £2.75.

The Macys brand, which was launched in 2014, is priced to $1 a bottle, with prices ranging from $7.00 for the $7 Chanel scent to $15 for the Chanel $10 perfume.

The $5 perfume comes in a variety of fragrances including a $2 perfume, $3.50 for the £2 Chanel and $3 for the Macys. 

$2 is about the same as a £2 perfume from Macyds and a $1 perfume from Chanels, according to the UK price comparison website CompareScores.

The Amazon price comparison site also suggests that some Macys products are currently selling for a premium, which makes the $2 Macys priciest bottle available.