It’s a question that has long haunted the perfume industry, but in 2017, it will be even more of a concern.

Clinique has been accused of overcharging for its signature products, including its $30 “Clinique Sample”, and the retailer is currently facing a recall after its sample for the $100 fragrance Lipstick was mislabeled as a perfume. 

The company is currently appealing a judge’s decision to have the recall lifted, and has yet to comment on whether it will still carry the Lipstick.

But it’s not all bad news for Clinique, which is facing criticism for selling a number of its most popular products, such as the $60 “Velvet” fragrance, $35 “Dress Up” perfume and $50 “Pomegranate” fragrance. 

“There is no denying that Clinique products are among the most expensive in the world,” said the Vintage Collection of Cosmetics blog.

“However, the products are still very affordable compared to the brands which were launched at the same time,” the blog added. 

In its statement, the company said the “sample is not a sample but is an authentic, branded, high-quality product from the company, and does not come with a return or exchange policy.”

“We are reviewing our sample policy as well as our policies regarding refunds and exchanges,” it added.

Cliniqué has long been criticised for charging too much for its fragrances, and the brand’s products have been accused by some perfume bloggers of being “cheap” and “baffling” to the point that some have called for its demise. 

While it may be hard to argue that Cliniqué is charging too high for its products, the fact remains that the retailer has been accused of charging too little for some of its signature fragrants in the past.

In 2017, for example, it was accused of not refunding the $50 Velvet perfume, which was made by the brand L’Oreal, after the company claimed that it was too expensive.

The company also was accused of selling products at retail prices too high in 2017 when a woman complained about being charged $100 for the Lipsticks of her favorite fragrance, “Nina Simone”. 

The brand had initially said it would refund the woman’s money, but the company later retracted the statement.

A recent investigation by the BBC revealed that the lifestyle brand was selling $20 lipsticks at wholesale prices which were much too high.

Earlier this year, a woman in England claimed that she had been charged £200 for a sample of “Clinic” for a $20 perfume, and was then charged $200 more for the perfume that the woman had purchased for her wedding day.

Another complaint in the same case revealed that a woman in Australia had been paid more than £100 for a product she purchased at a store and received an invoice for another product for free.