The scent of Gucci is often described as a blend of floral notes, but it’s more of a flowery floral with a touch of rose, the French word for rose. 

In recent years, Gucci has been making more of an effort to focus on fragrances made with the Italian brand’s premium materials, with the latest offering a rose scent called Gucci bloom.

The scent is currently on sale at Chanel’s flagship store, The Gucci Collection, and it has already won a number of awards.

It won the ‘Best Fragrance of the Year’ award from the Fragrance & Fragrance Design Awards in 2016.

A fragrance with such a big impact on fashion is very rare in Australia, and this year was no exception. 

The fragrance was first launched at the Sydney Fashion Week, but the perfume has since been picked up by a number more stores, including Sephora. 

“It was a real surprise for us to see that it was winning awards and it really did,” said Mariah Carey, one of the fashion’s best-known models.

“It’s a very unique fragrance, it’s a little bit different than most Gucci perfumes, it has a floral note to it, and that’s the beauty of it.”

The fragrance won the prestigious Fendi Fragrance Awards at the International Fashion Show in Berlin, where it was named the ‘Man of the Show’.

“We love the way the fragrance is different,” Carey said.

What are some other Gucci fragrains you can smell?”

It’s really nice to see Gucci taking a step back and trying to make something that’s a bit more classic.”

What are some other Gucci fragrains you can smell?

Source Google News (Australia)