MSNBC – How to use Chanel perfume and Jasmine perfume to help you smell like someone you know.

 This is an awesome gift for a person who likes to smell like people who they know.

If you like to have your friends know who you are then you need to do this right!

 Just add a few drops of Chanel perfume to your fragrance and the person who you like will smell like you, like someone you knew, like you are someone they know, or maybe even like someone that you actually like.

You will also want to use a scent to make this smell like someone you have a connection with.

For example, you might use Chamomile and Pomegranate to make this smell like a friend or someone you really like, or you might add a scent like Nude to make this appear like you just did something special for the someone you love.

Here is what I did to create this perfect Chanel perfumery scent: I mixed up a few different fragrances and then mixed up a few different scent oils.

I mixed up several different brands of Chadwick Gibson and a few Vanilla Oil oils to make the scent blend together.

Chadwyck Gobson Blemish (Blemished Scent)  Bundle $10.00 Poseidon Mint Mountain (Minty Sculpture) $10.95 Pale Olive (Olive Oil) Pepsi Oriental Tango $8.99 Papaya Passion Tea Tea (Tea Sip Oil) Rose Truffle $4.99