I love a good perfume sampling, and I love to experiment with perfumes.

But I can also be a little bit picky about what I’m wearing, and when.

So when I started my first fragrance sampler a couple years ago, I knew I wanted to make it all in one spot.

I’d like to see the products in my house smell like the way they smell when you’re out and about, but also be able to wear them in a way that is comfortable and looks good on me.

I also wanted to share the perfumeria’s curated collections with you.

This is my first step into a world of perfumering.

This first scent sampler is called “Samplers”, and it includes three perfumes I’ve been wearing in my kitchen, two I’ve tried and one I’m not going to try because it’s a bit too pricey.

My husband and I have been together for nearly six years, and we’ve had some very good things happen in our relationship.

But our relationship has also been hit by some serious stuff.

I’ve struggled with an illness that has affected my work life, and also been battling cancer and other serious illnesses.

I think the fact that I’ve had to deal with the illness is also a factor in why I have this perfume samiplers.

It’s been nice to know that I can share some of my fragrances with you all.

What makes these perfumes so special?

There are a lot of great fragrains out there, and the sampler offers me a chance to discover a lot more than I would otherwise be able.

I am really happy to have been able to use the Samplers perfume samples to discover more of the fragrases that I love.

The samplering includes: The four-hour sampler (one fragrant at a time) that includes four of my favorite fragrands.

This sampler has been so well received that I decided to expand the sampler to include a sixth fragrance.

I’m currently using the Sampler for its sixth fragrance, and my husband and friends have all been impressed with the fragrant, too.

The scent of the sixth fragrance is “Sister”.

It’s a sweet, floral, and citrusy fragrance.

It also smells really nice in the morning.

The fragrants are:  Aromatic, sweet, and floral, with a slight touch of amber.

It smells great in the sun and is my absolute favorite fragrant out there.

Passion Fruit, with just the right amount of citrus and the perfect balance of sweetness and a touch of citrus.

It has an incredibly pleasant, comforting, and relaxing fragrance.

Amber, with the perfect amount of vanilla and the right touch of warm amber.

This fragrance smells great after a shower and is really pleasant on the skin.

Bacchante, with its gentle, warm scent, and just the perfect touch of cinnamon.

It is a perfect match for my favorite perfumes, and it’s also the perfect scent for my office, too!

Rose Petals, with soft and fresh notes of rose and lavender.

This perfume is perfect for my mornings and summer mornings.

Blueberry, with notes of blueberries, and a little smoky patchouli.

Chocolate, with an incredibly sweet, chocolatey, and creamy smell that is great on the lips and is perfect to wear to work.

Vanilla Bean, with some of the most delicious vanilla beans I’ve ever had!

It is so delicious and easy to wear.

Gingerbread, with rich and complex notes of gingerbread, vanilla, and sweet spice.

This scent is perfect when you want a bit of an alluring, sweet-tart, and smoky scent.

Coffee Bean, a coffee bean, with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and orange.

This has a fantastic scent and perfect for when you are looking for a relaxing, sensual, and luxurious scent. 

The samplery also includes:  Six fragrant scents, including “Coffe Bean”, “Blueberry”, “Vanilla”, “Orange”, and “Pink”. 

I’ve been a fan of “Cookie Bean” since it first came out, and with the latest releases from “Vanessa” and “Blueberries” I was really excited to try this scent.

The packaging is adorable and the fragrance is gorgeous!

The scent is pretty subtle and doesn’t overpower the other scents.

“Coffees” and Blueberries are both great for the summer months, and this fragrance is perfect.

I love the vanilla and cinnamon notes, and am really into the “Pink” scents too. 

“Pink” is a beautiful, sweet scent that is perfect if you are trying to be more