A bottle-of-vintage-paintings-and-tresoras-andvintage perfumes and tresor-paints sold for $1,800 on the Portland antique fleamarket at the end of March.

The sellers were seeking vintage perfume, perfume tresoras and violets for sale.

The Portland Vintage Flea Market is a nonprofit organization of artisans and antique dealers that has been operating in the city since 2002.

Its goal is to foster the community’s love of antique products by selling vintage, vintage-inspired items and by providing an avenue for local artisans to connect with their community.

In addition to the tresora-pipes, the flea markets also offer vintage-themed t-shirts and t-shirt accessories, as well as antique jewelry and fine art.

The flea Markets also offer a vintage-focused market in downtown Portland.

More about vintage perfume and perfume t-resoras at Portland antiqueflea.com.