Italian luxury fragrance company Hugo Boss will open a fragrance shop on Paloma Beach this summer.

The store, which is based in Milan, is located in the former location of its Paloma boutique.

The fragrance is made by Italian brand Viva Art.

The Paloma store opened on Sept. 5.

The shop is scheduled to open in June.

The owner of the Paloma location said in a statement that she and her staff are excited to open a new fragrance shop.

The company is also expanding its Italian presence in Italy, where the company operates more than 20 stores and operates in Milan and Florence.

The Italian company will offer more than 40 fragrances, with a focus on luxury and masculine fragrants.

Hugo boss said the company plans to offer a range of fragrance products, including a range made with organic and non-organic materials, as well as a range with seasonal, handmade and natural ingredients.

The collection will be sold in Paloma and its stores, as will the boutique.

Hugos boutique will be located at a new development called the Palomar Plaza.

The site has a planned mixed-use development.