It’s a bold statement, and a bold new fragrance, for the retailer that’s just unveiled a new perfume for Justin Biebers signature scent.

Nordstrom, the world’s biggest luxury retailer, says it’s bringing in a new fragrance that is “more feminine and modern,” and will be available in a few months.

It’s called “Scent of a Lifetime,” and is the first fragrance to be created specifically for Justin.

The company says it started the project because Justin has been a huge fan of perfumes, particularly those that evoke his “pop culture icons,” including Beyonce, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

The company says that Justin was so impressed with the product, he decided to donate it to a charity he supports called Love the Art.

That’s the same charity that donated his first fragrance, a “Gangnam Style” fragrance, to help victims of the recent Orlando nightclub massacre.

Justin Biebers first fragrance was called “Laughing Matter” and it was inspired by a song on a Justin Bieber concert tour, which the singer released in 2015.

That was followed by a second “Laughter Matter” fragrance called “Dancing with the Stars,” which Justin co-wrote.

The brand then released a third fragrance called Bieber’s Spice, which was inspired in part by his dance moves.