Former coach and former NFL player Lisa Ann is a perfume genius.

She’s a perfume expert who created a line of “perfumes for women,” with “perl, cotton candy, guess, perfume” in the name.

“My clients ask, ‘Why does this perfume smell so good?’ and I tell them, ‘Because I have perfumes for that,'” Ann told CBS News.

Ann’s perfumes range from “Perl candy” to “Guess Perfume” and “Perfume Genius.”

She’s also a designer of “Coach perfume.”

“I was the first woman to make a coach perfume for football players, and I was the last woman to design a coach scent for women’s clothing,” Ann told The Associated Press.

“I started doing it because I wanted to be the first, and it’s taken off.”

Ann is no stranger to perfume, having previously designed and created perfumes that include “Porcelain Candy,” “Pour Sugar,” “Mango Candy” and many more.

Ann’s most recent fragrance for women, “PerFume Genius,” is a mix of perfumes from “Guessed Perfumes,” “Perdition” and more.

“I have a lot of clients who want to wear perfume, and then I have to ask them, can I be creative?” she said.

“They are looking for a fragrance that’s sexy and fun, but also they want to be able to control the amount of fragrance they use.

And I’ve found that you can control that a lot better with the perfumes I create than with any other.”

Perfumes made for women by AnnAnn’s Perfumery website features “Guesses” perfumes, which have a combination of “guess” and perfumes.

“Guesses perfumes are a blend of two perfumes: Guessed Perdition and Perfumed Apple,” Ann said.

Perfumed apple is “guessed” with “guessing” chemicals, and Guessed is “made with guessed chemicals,” according to Ann.

“Guessing is something that I learned while I was a high school student,” she said, and has become part of her daily routine.

Perfumer is a word used to describe a fragrance or a product that is made with a chemical or chemical-like compound.

Perfumer means a woman who makes perfumes or other products.

“Perfumers make their products for women because they want women to enjoy the fragrance and they want the product to be something that they can feel good about and something they can wear,” Ann explained.

“But I also want to create something that is something women can wear in a way that they enjoy wearing and feel good in, which is why I try to create fragrances for women.”

Ann has been working on perfume for more than 30 years.

She was named a “woman of the year” by the National Women’s History Museum in 2015.

She has written and co-authored three books: “Perceiving Beauty,” “The Female Perfumers Guide to Perfuming” and several other books.