Day: July 29, 2021

When you’re in Paris, the best way to find perfume

A year ago, I had an idea to write about the Paris perfume market, which has become increasingly saturated with fragrances and which is dominated by fragrantly-produced, well-made perfumes from top fragrains.I was looking for something that was very different from the standard fragrance market, something that would appeal to a broader range of people.It […]

How to smell lavender in a shower

Lavender has a distinct odor.You can’t smell it on your skin, but it does linger in the air and on clothing.If you don’t wear lavender-based products, you can smell it in the fragrance of your shower, bed, or bathroom.But you’ll have to get used to the scent, and you might have to change your shower […]

Why Elizabeth Taylor is the best perfume ever

When I was younger I loved Elizabeth Taylor.Her iconic perfume collection and her iconic beauty products made her a household name.But now it seems that, when it comes to beauty products, Elizabeth Taylor has lost her way.I remember thinking of the smell of her old perfume collection when I was a teenager.The scent was so […]