(AP) A rare fragrance from the French coco-farm of President Donald Trump is being auctioned on a website that makes it a bit more accessible.

The fragrance, which was first discovered by an online seller in 2012, was auctioned for $5,000 to a collector in New York who had purchased it on the internet.

It was listed on eBay on Wednesday for $6,500.

It has been described as a rich, spicy, sweet, musky, woody and musky-scented musk with a spicy undertone, which is described as an olfactory blend that smells of coco or cocoa beans.

It’s believed to be one of the few fragrances to smell like coco, and is thought to be the first of its kind in the world, said Michael Krieger, an expert in perfume who works for the American Institute of the Museum of Natural History.

The seller, who goes by the name Momma Bruges, said she had purchased the scent for $2,500 from a local beauty supply store in the town of Cointreau-le-France in southwestern France, where the first batch was made in 2009.

It is believed the fragrance was used to make a perfume for the presidential inauguration in 2020, she said.

Coca-based fragrance company Mommas Brugers made the first fragrance of its type in France.

It made its mark in 2016 when it was auctioning off a batch of its signature perfume, which it says is made with a “cocoa bean” and a “spice of coca.”

The perfume is also known as the “candle of a rose.”

Mommas has been selling its signature perfumes since 2014.

The fragrance’s price tag is $8,000, and it was sold on Wednesday to a New York man who purchased it at an auction for $4,500 on eBay.

It’s the second fragrance in the United States of the type sold by Mommasses, after a 2013 fragrance that made headlines when it went on sale at an upscale fragrance shop in New Jersey.