Best smelling bath products, such as bath bombs, are available online, but are usually expensive, costing thousands of dollars and often don’t last long.

But now, a new website is offering a better alternative: A virtual bath with no soap or detergent, which is the ideal choice for those looking for a bit of a bath without spending a fortune.

The site, Bath Bombers, is a free app for iOS, Android and Windows that offers the ability to make bath bombs in just minutes.

“Bath bombs have been around for centuries,” the app’s creator, Jason Schmitt, tells PEOPLE.

“They are made from pure organic ingredients like palm oil and coconut oil.

It’s pretty much like making a bath bomb from scratch. “

I thought it would be really cool to try making one myself.

It’s pretty much like making a bath bomb from scratch.

It can be made with a few ingredients like baking soda, baking powder and baking soda/vanillin, as well as baking soda.

It uses only natural ingredients.

You can even make it with just a bit more coconut oil or palm oil.”

Schmitt’s app is free and available for iOS and Android.

He says the app offers a range of options, from basic “fancy” bath bombs to “lazy” bath bomb recipes, and that users can choose from a range, from “bath bombs with just soap and water” to “bio-inspired bath bombs.”

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