French perfumer Gucci has taken the lead in introducing its Cool Water perfume into Paris, and it’s not the only perfumer on board.

French designer Hedi Slimane, who has a penchant for water-based perfumes, has also entered the game.

The first batch of the perfume, released in April, has garnered mixed reviews.

While Slimane’s version, “Summer,” has some serious cool water vibes, the latest batch is a little more subdued and has a bit more “natural” elements.

Slimane has since gone on record saying the perfume is a good representation of the city, saying it’s “more relaxing than the city.”

Slimane also said it was his favorite perfume ever and a great compliment to the city.

“I think it’s the first time that I felt that you can’t just put perfume on your face, you can put it on your body, and that makes it beautiful,” he told The Associated Press in January.

“If you look at Paris from the water, it’s beautiful.”

Slimanes Paris-based perfume company, “Gentlemen,” is also part of the Cool Water campaign.

The fragrance, which was originally released last year, is described as a “perfect blend of water and fragrance.”

“The perfume is made with a blend of essential oils and essential oils in it.

It’s a great fragrance, with some warm, floral notes, and a touch of fresh citrus,” the company said in a press release.

The perfume was created by Hedi, who is the designer behind many of the fragrance companies biggest hits like the “Manic Street Preachers” and “Porcelain Dolls” fragrance collections.

He also has a large portfolio of water-related products, including water bottles and water bottles made from reclaimed bottles, as well as the brand’s “Cool Water” line of watery fragrances.

“The first Cool Water fragrance was released in June 2015, and I am proud to be the first to introduce it to Parisians,” Slimane said in the statement.

“Cool water is a natural fragrance, and this perfume captures the beauty of the natural and the beautiful water.

The scent is also a reflection of the City, of the Parisians’ daily lives, and its beauty, which makes it a wonderful and perfect addition to the fragrance collection.”