The video for the new Vanilla perfume hit #1 on the UK charts today, smashing past the previous single ‘Buddy Holly’.

The video’s got the look and feel of a high-energy performance, as the band’s frontman talks about how the brand is more about his friends and family, and how the product is just so damn good.

‘Stay’, which was filmed in the band and bandmates’ hometown of Bristol, is the first video from the new album.

It’s a fun, pop-up video that plays on the first track, ‘Stay’.

Vanilla’s been working on this video for quite some time now, and has been filming in Bristol since May.

It really shows the band as a family, with the two members talking about how much they love their hometown, and that the brand has a special place in their hearts.

They’re clearly talking about the brand, and the people who work for them.

‘Don’t Stop’ is the new song on the album, which follows ‘Stay.’

This is an acoustic number with a lot of guitars and vocals.

The song is a love letter to Bristol and the Bristol skyline, and it’s just a perfect song to celebrate.

‘Wish I Was Here’ is another upbeat tune that hits you with a beautiful guitar solo.

It features vocals by the band, and a beautiful piano arrangement by John Williams.

This is a fun song to sing along to, and one that we’ll definitely be playing at weddings, as well as when we’re having dinner.

‘Sneaky Eyes’ is a really beautiful song.

It starts with a really subtle guitar solo, and then the song gets a little louder as the chorus gets louder and louder.

It sounds like it’s coming from a dream, and there’s a really nice melody and a nice harmony between the band members.

‘I Need A New Phone’ is probably one of the best songs on the new record, and definitely the one that’s most likely to go viral on social media.

It feels like a perfect tribute to the city of Bristol and how they all feel connected, and is just one of those songs that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

The band has also shared a photo of a ‘Stay’-themed sign in Bristol, and you can check out the full photo below:The band’s official Facebook page is now celebrating the launch of ‘Stay’: