Perfumer Chloe perfume, one of the top brands in the perfume industry, is to start selling the fragrance brand’s latest collection, Daisy, to retailers.

The company, which is already one of India’s most successful brands, is launching the perfume in collaboration with the Indian perfume brand Bvlgaria, which has been producing fragrance for over 20 years.

“The first batch of Daisy will be launched at various retailers across the country by January 2020,” said a statement from the company.

“This collaboration with Bvlgaari is a great way to bring Daisy to the masses and to bring new consumers into the perfume brand,” it added.

In a statement, the company said that the brand has worked with both the perfume brands and its founder, Durga Devi, on this collaboration.

“We are excited to launch Daisy, a fragrance with a very fresh feel and is a truly unique blend,” it said.

“Its a fresh blend with the freshness of the ingredients that are present in Daisy.”

In the statement, Daisy’s founders Durga and her daughter and creative director Kishore said they have been working on this fragrance for the past four years.

Daisy was founded by Devi in 2008 and she was appointed CEO by Devi and her brother, Arvind, in 2014.

Daisy’s current owner is the cosmetics brand, Dohra, which was established in 2015.