The macys secret fragrances sale is over, and the best of the best are back for more.

Macys founder, Celine Macys, announced at a press conference that the fragrance collection sold out in just over two hours at the Melbourne Beauty and Beauty Supply showroom on Thursday night.

“We had a really good time and a really great sales staff, and we really appreciate all the great comments and tweets and emails that have come in,” she said.

“Theres just some amazing products on sale, some really great ones and we will be doing a little more with our website in the coming weeks.”

Ms Macys said she was thrilled by the success of the sales, saying that while there were some great fragrains on sale that were not the Macys originals, “we have a couple of things that have been really popular and they have all been sold out for a little while now”.

“Weve got a couple new ones coming out and it’s a bit of a mixed bag because some of them are really new and some are old,” she told the ABC.

“So we are really excited to be able to continue to offer a few of our favourite fragrasses to the public.”

The Macys Secret line includes Macys original fragrance, the Macy Secret, and Macys new fragrance, Macys Perfection.

Macy’s newest fragrance, The Perfection, was first released in 2014.

“I think the Macypers secret line is very much about the people, the people of Australia,” she added.

“It is about people wanting to express themselves, it is about the love of their skin and it is a passion that we all share, but it also is a lot of love that has been nurtured over many years.”

We all love what we do, but some of us also love what it does not do, and it takes a lot to create something truly special.

“They are amazing people and they are really passionate about the products they make and the work that they do. “

They have done a fantastic job of making it possible to do this and we are very proud to have been a part of that,” she explained.

Macys Secret Collection, released in 2018, included a collection of Macys perfumes, a fragrance palette, and a perfume shop. “

If you were a Macymous customer or loved one, we are incredibly proud of you.”

Macys Secret Collection, released in 2018, included a collection of Macys perfumes, a fragrance palette, and a perfume shop.

“There were two things that were very important to me, the collection was something I have always wanted and the shop was something that I always wanted to do and the palette was something where I was so passionate about and that palette is now here to stay and will be available for purchase,” she continued.

“Our customers are passionate about their favourite fragrant and the Macydies team is passionate about creating something that they believe is truly special to them.”

Ms Jlo was also at the event, but did not appear to have had the opportunity to speak with the media.

The Macydys Secret perfumes have been described as being “fruity, feminine, warm and feminine”.

“Fruity and feminine, for Macys,” is a description she shared on Instagram, where she shared a photo of herself wearing a Macys fragrance and a Macydy Perfection perfume.

“Fruit is my favourite word and the smell of the Macies Secret is definitely fruity,” she wrote.

You cannot go wrong with either.””

Beauty and the Beautiful are a must.

You cannot go wrong with either.”