The cosmetics giant, which makes some of the world’s most popular fragrances, said Thursday that it has agreed to sell Della Koran, a $200 million fragrance and perfume sale that will be sold in partnership with Macys Cosmetics.

The deal comes on the heels of a $1.1 billion sale by the company to American retailer Ulta earlier this year.

It’s the largest single-entity sale by a brand of fragrance ever and will increase the size of its fragrance portfolio, which includes Kovan, Della, The Riveters and Della Dukes.

The sale is subject to regulatory approval, said Della Klans spokesperson Lizzie Vassallo.

The agreement is subject for approval by the Federal Trade Commission, which is overseeing the approval process.

Della Kolans Kovan fragrance, which will go on sale in November, is one of the top-selling fragrains in the world.

Its sales surpassed the $200-million milestone in 2017, and the company had more than $1 billion in sales by that time.

The fragrance is marketed to women, according to DellaKlans, and is the highest-selling fragrance of all time, eclipsing the $20-million sales mark by the time it was sold to Ulta.

Ulta has been buying Della and Daka from its parent company L’Oreal, and it plans to launch a new fragrance in 2018.

L’Oréal and D’Orèal, a fragrance and cosmetics company, announced earlier this month that they would buy Ulta for $3.3 billion.

Ultas first-quarter sales totaled $1,026.9 million.