A new subscription service from perfume retailer Clinique is launching with a “pomp and circumstance” approach, and it’s already garnered some buzz on social media.

Clinique is offering a limited-edition scent called The Pomp and Circumstance, which will retail for $15 a bottle.

The limited-release will be available for purchase on Jan. 10 through its website and in stores, and the company says it will be distributed to customers by the end of the month.

The scent is a blend of sweet, citrusy peaches and a hint of tropical fruit, according to the company.

Clanique has long had a strong scent tradition, with its fragrance line including such classic classics as the Bali Beach fragrance and its iconic Clove oil and liqueur.

The company has also released an assortment of other signature fragrances, including the classic Dior and Celine fragrance, which launched in 2001.