The Dossier fragrance scandal has revealed the dirty truths of our “Beauty & the Beast” co-star Sofia Vergara’s makeup.

Vergare, who portrays Belle in the animated series, was accused of buying counterfeit makeup at a beauty supply store in Italy.

The scandal has already led to a lawsuit against the company that makes the products.

The allegations against Vergarense come as the actor and her producer are being sued for $5 million for allegedly ripping off the $150 million film.

In a statement to MTV News, the perfume company said it has no comment on the allegations.

The accusations came out earlier this month, when The Hollywood Reporter broke the story of the accusations against Vergales beauty supply company.

In the statement, the company said that it was investigating the allegations against Sofia, and was not able to provide additional information on them.

It said it would not be commenting on specific allegations or any individual matter.