Day: July 10, 2021

The ‘Dossier’ perfume scandal has exposed the dirty secrets of our ‘Beauty and the Beast’ co-stars

The Dossier fragrance scandal has revealed the dirty truths of our “Beauty & the Beast” co-star Sofia Vergara’s makeup.Vergare, who portrays Belle in the animated series, was accused of buying counterfeit makeup at a beauty supply store in Italy.The scandal has already led to a lawsuit against the company that makes the products.The allegations against […]

What is a ‘Katy Perry perfume’?

A lot of people ask about Katy Perry’s ‘Katydog’ perfume, but what is a Katy Perry perfume?Is it a perfume?A product?A combination?The question has a certain definition.In fact, there is so much confusion over this perfume that it has even inspired a Wikipedia article!But what is it?Katy Perry, arguably the most famous girl in pop, […]