When it comes to making your own sweet, salty and tangy, this is your chance to do it.

There are some essential oils that are a perfect complement to any fragrance and the ones you need to use are those found in a wide range of fragrances.

They all have a different effect and we’ll be using the ones we’ve found to give you the perfect blend. 

You’ll also want to be sure to add an appropriate amount of essential oils to any homemade sweeteners as you will need to add them to the ingredients of any sweetener you want to use. 

These are essential oils used in perfumes to enhance their aroma and are often added to some sweeteners to add a subtle sweetness to the scent. 

We’ll start with the sweetest of the bunch, Shea Butter. 

Its a creamy and mild fragrance that has a rich sweetness to it.

It works well for adding a subtle floral note and also adds an element of complexity to a fragrance, like an oakmoss or rosemary. 

The Shea Butter is an essential oil and is used to add subtle and earthy notes to fragrases like the one below. 

It’s also a good alternative to baking soda in many fragrings. 

Sulfuric Acid is another common essential oil used to enhance a fragrance.

Its found in many different fragrars and is also used to give an earthy note to a scent like the ones below.

 It adds a subtle woody note and is often added in a perfume that adds a touch of earth to the fragrance. 

Peppermint oil is another natural essential oil that’s found in some fragrages to add warmth and aroma to a smell.

Its used in perfume blends to add more depth and complexity to the aroma. 

A note of cedarwood or a little patchouli gives a nice touch of spice and a hint of sweetness to a perfume. 

Eucalyptus Oil is another good natural essential that’s used in a lot of fragrants.

Its a bit of a neutral essential that adds more depth to a fragrance, especially for perfumes that have a woody and woody character. 

 You may want to add in a pinch of cocoa to add some sweetness to your fragrance to give it a little extra kick. 

Mango and cardamom are two other natural essential oils, used in some of the best fragrains out there. 

They are used to create a spicy and earth note to the smell of a fragrance that adds to the overall effect. 

For a more intense and more intense scent, you may want add in an extra dash of mint to give a little more depth. 

Some essential oils can also add a little sweetness to an otherwise masculine scent.

They add a fruity, citrusy note that adds some depth to an already masculine scent without adding a whole lot of spice. 

And you can add in some other natural oils as well, like vanilla or coconut oil. 

If you are looking for a more complex scent, try adding in some vanilla bean to add depth to your favorite scent.

You may find that a little bit of vanilla or cocoa add a touch more complexity to your scent.