When “rihannah” first became a viral hit, it was a pretty bold and unlikely move for the actress, who had just become a parent.

It was not, however, for the first time in her career, she said.

“I knew I was coming up against the same thing I had been facing for so long,” she said, adding that she was aware of the “huge” backlash the “riahanna” was likely to face.

“You know, I was a little bit shocked and I was like, ‘No, I can do this.'”

“When I saw the response I was getting, I thought, ‘I know what I am going to do’.

And I did.”

“But I think it was because of my personality, and I wanted to be an adult and be the parent I wanted and wanted to have.”

“I just thought that’s what I was doing.”

After her initial response to “rihanah” went viral, her social media profiles went live with hashtags #rihansara, #rihanannah, and “#rihanah.”

But it was not until “rihaana” became a trending topic in early February that “rihi” was truly “rihani” – the word for “mother” and “daughter”.

The actress, whose real name is Laura James, posted an open letter to fans and the public on her Facebook page, thanking them for the “kind words” and sharing her new album and other content.

“Today, I want to talk about my life and my new album,” she wrote.

“There’s a lot of emotions and sadness that are on display on my new release, ‘rihi’.” “I’m a mother.

I’m a father.

“You can take that back, but it’s just a shame because it’s been a hard process for me to be honest with you,” she added. “

So to share that, to be able to share it with you and to give you my honest and sincere apology, I just want to say that I’m sorry.”

“You can take that back, but it’s just a shame because it’s been a hard process for me to be honest with you,” she added.

“It was a lot for me because of the way I look and I feel, but now it’s the first step in letting my son know that I love him and I love the art that I make.”

“It’s a very sad moment for me.

I feel like my daughter needs to be like me and the same for her,” James said.

While she admitted to having to take some time to process the criticism, James said it was “not a big deal” and she was “sad to hear it”.

“I feel like theres something that’s happened, that my heart is hurt.

It’s not a big thing, it’s a small thing that I have to deal with,” she told News24.

“And I’m sad to hear that, and sorry for that.”

“And then I just hope that I can be a little more understanding and be a mother, too.

Because I’m not a mother.”

“The thing I love about being a mom is that you can make it all go away, you can do whatever you want,” James continued.

“As long as you’re respecting your own body and respecting your mind, it is not your fault that the things you put in your body aren’t working.”

“Sometimes, you just have to put your head down and just do your thing.”

She said she was excited to start her new career, and that her daughter would be able “to take it from here.”