Month: July 2021

When you’re in Paris, the best way to find perfume

A year ago, I had an idea to write about the Paris perfume market, which has become increasingly saturated with fragrances and which is dominated by fragrantly-produced, well-made perfumes from top fragrains.I was looking for something that was very different from the standard fragrance market, something that would appeal to a broader range of people.It […]

How to smell lavender in a shower

Lavender has a distinct odor.You can’t smell it on your skin, but it does linger in the air and on clothing.If you don’t wear lavender-based products, you can smell it in the fragrance of your shower, bed, or bathroom.But you’ll have to get used to the scent, and you might have to change your shower […]

Why Elizabeth Taylor is the best perfume ever

When I was younger I loved Elizabeth Taylor.Her iconic perfume collection and her iconic beauty products made her a household name.But now it seems that, when it comes to beauty products, Elizabeth Taylor has lost her way.I remember thinking of the smell of her old perfume collection when I was a teenager.The scent was so […]

Why the UK is not a paradise for women

I don’t believe that there are any countries in the world where women are completely equal to men, says Gail Sheehy.“Women are underrepresented in all areas of society, especially in professions and in the arts, where men dominate,” she tells me. The fact is that women make up less than 10 per cent of parliamentarians […]

How to get a high-end perfume in the Philippines

I came across this amazing bargain on Ebay last month.Miu mia (Miu-maa) is a traditional Malaysian perfume.The product is very similar to a perfumer’s homemade version of baccarat.But, it is made with a more expensive, more luxurious blend of ingredients.Mius are used to give fragrances a special, warm and fragrant aroma, according to the manufacturer.In […]

The ultimate beauty trend

Long-lasting perfume can be pricey, and if you’re looking for something with a longer shelf life, you’ll be able to get it from this store.The store sells products like Long-Wearing Shampoos, Long-Standing Perfumes, and Long-Sensing Perfume.The store also sells a lot of beauty products like skincare, makeup, and hair care.It’s one of the most popular […]