In a world of new perfumes, the one with the timeless appeal of Shalimar perfume is one of the most well-known.

Now a brand that is a staple in Melbourne’s beauty community, Shalimar is set to return with a new fragrance for the women of the future.

It will hit stores in February 2018.

Shalimar is an elegant perfume that captures the essence of elegance and sophistication in a contemporary style.

The perfume was created by Shiloh D. Shilohan, an international perfumer who worked on the hit perfume brand L’Oréal, and her husband, Sam Shilorani.

It is inspired by the rich floral and citrus notes found in the scent of the beautiful Shalimar flower.

“We wanted to create a perfume that we thought was timeless, that was elegant and could have an impact on the way we think about fragrances and the way people think about fragrance,” Ms Shilorsani told

“It’s very different from the traditional fragrants we used to use in the past, and we wanted to make it the right balance of modern and traditional, but still feel contemporary.”

In fact, Shalimar’s perfume has been on the shelves of retailers across Australia for years.

“I’ve been making Shalimar fragrance since I was about 16, and I was inspired by how Shalimar has become a household name in Australia,” said Ms Sholom.

“When I was 17, I had a perfume experience at the airport, and then I was a student in my first year of university and a graduate student at a university in London.

I had to do an internship with a perfume company, and at the time, I didn’t have the money for a bottle.

So I bought it and I bought the perfume, and that was it.”

Ms Shulorani said that the perfume’s simplicity made it appealing to young women and young men.

“Women, I think, are drawn to the smell of Shalimaria,” she said.

“They love the light, the fragrance, and the colour of the fragrance.

But Shalimar, the colour is a classic Shalimar colour.” “

A lot of women, they don’t want to wear the traditional floral scent.

But Shalimar, the colour is a classic Shalimar colour.”

Ms Sharorani’s husband, Ms Shillorani, was also inspired by Shalimar’s appeal.

“He wanted a perfume for his son and a perfume to compliment his daughter’s hair and make her feel special,” she added.

He thought that’s what Shalimar was about.” “

So he thought, why not combine them, and make a perfume which works with both women and men?

He thought that’s what Shalimar was about.”

For Shilomar, the scent’s appeal has grown from her teenage years.

Ms Shili has worked in beauty since she was a teenager.

She said that Shalimar had become part of her daily routine and that it was important for her to be able to blend in with the rest of the Melbourne population.

“You just have to be a bit careful about what you wear, because there’s so much going on at the moment,” she told News Australia.

“If you don’t have enough money to buy a perfume bottle, you just have nothing to wear.”

Shalimar Shiloman is available at select beauty retailers across Melbourne and New South Wales.

You can also buy it on Amazon for $25.50 or from your local chemist.

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