Napoli, Juventus and Lazio will not be allowed to purchase perfume from Walgens because of the “negative impact” the product has had on their reputation, according to a statement by Walgends.

The news comes as the Italian champions, who were fined a record €1.4 billion ($1.8 billion) for breaching FIFA sanctions, enter the final two rounds of the Champions League.

The statement reads: “It is important to note that while we respect the right of clubs to sell products from the FIFA World Cup, we have decided to limit the availability of perfume products at our stores in Italy.

This decision is in line with the recent decision by the Italian Competition Authority to suspend the use of a limited number of prohibited brands.

The decision is the result of an extensive study carried out in collaboration with our partner, Walgenders.

The analysis concluded that the negative impact on the image of Napoli and Juventus had been extremely detrimental to the reputation of Napo and Juventus, and that they were therefore not in a position to justify such a decision.

The suspension of the Napoli-Juventus perfume sale will be extended until the end of the competition.

Walgreens said the ban on the use by players, staff and other club officials of Napoleonic perfume was due to the “high profile” of the team and the “disruption” of their lives.

The Italian club, who are currently second in Serie A, will also not be able to purchase any Napoli or Juventus perfume from any other club in the region until the ban is lifted.

Napoli and Juve have already been fined a combined €1,000,000 ($1,200,000) for breaches of the FIFA anti-sporting-weapons regulation.