When I first saw this gorgeous perfume, I had to put on my “Ferragamos are amazing!” shirt and pretend to be a guy.

The name Salvatores perfume was also one of the top 10 scents on my list of favorite scents.

So I put on the Salvatored shirts and went out to a bar.

I remember a bartender telling me that he had to buy a bunch of Salvatorean perfumier’s to give to the people who had come in.

It was a great time to celebrate Halloween, and Salvatoring a few bottles of Salvato perfume in front of strangers was a blast.

There were tons of people around the bar, so I got to enjoy the night and chat with some of the people I’d only known for a few weeks.

This was my first time going to a Salvato perfumeria and I was so happy to see how the scents would blow people away.

There was something special about a bar full of strangers.

They were so enthusiastic about what I was wearing and the scent was just so perfect.