Month: June 2021

Shalimar – perfume for women

In a world of new perfumes, the one with the timeless appeal of Shalimar perfume is one of the most well-known.Now a brand that is a staple in Melbourne’s beauty community, Shalimar is set to return with a new fragrance for the women of the future.It will hit stores in February 2018.Shalimar is an elegant […]

Juventus, Napoli to be without Perfume Sales at Walgreens

Napoli, Juventus and Lazio will not be allowed to purchase perfume from Walgens because of the “negative impact” the product has had on their reputation, according to a statement by Walgends.The news comes as the Italian champions, who were fined a record €1.4 billion ($1.8 billion) for breaching FIFA sanctions, enter the final two rounds […]

Which is the best perfume for men and women?

Women have traditionally been more susceptible to irritation from perfume, and many men are hesitant to use perfumes.But the world of perfumes is changing and women’s health is also on the rise.This article is an update of the first article in our Women’s Health series.Read moreWomen are often concerned with their appearance, but many men […]

Glossier you: The scent that turns your skin pink

The scent of Glossier You, an artificial skin bleaching cream.It’s a familiar scent.You can get a sense of the brand’s iconic scent from a bottle in your bathroom or a bag at your office.But it’s a different scent for everyone.“It’s not just for a certain kind of person, or the ones that don’t want to […]